Experts of the Inca Tradition At Inka World, we work with experienced Western experts and teachers who convey the spiritual wisdom of the Incas. In addition, three times a year we offer the opportunity to meet powerful indigenous masters from Peru and to experience their abilities first-hand during a one-to-one session, a Despacho ceremony or ...

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The Inca religion was easily capable of incorporating the religious features of most subjugated regions. The setting for beliefs, idols and oracles, more or less throughout the entire empire, had been preordained over the previous two thousand years: a general recognition of certain creator deities and a whole pantheon of nature-related spirits, minor deities and demons. Posts about Taurus written by 5ocietyx. The seven sisters of Greek mythology known as the Pleiades can be found in the constellation of Taurus, the bull. Inca farmers watched Pleiades to assess future crops. Early Greek seamen knew them as the 'sailing stars' and would only sail when the stars were visible at night. One of the Navajos' names for the group is the 'Hard Flint Boys,' and Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades" ( Moses, the Pleiades, and the Nebra Sky Disk ). Jan 19, 2014 · Several readers of this blog have wondered about the meaning of the battling serpent and eagle, a very dynamic image, especially popular in tattoos. It turns out there is no simple explanation. “We dug and dug and dug,” says Davila, “but I understood nothing.” Then he read Garcilaso de la Vega’s La Florida del Inca, an account of the 1539 Hernando de Soto expedition to the Southeast. It describes huge Indian trade and war canoes that plied the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the rivers of the Southeast.

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The astronomers White, Dearborn and Mannheim, state that from this complex it is possible to have observations of the pleiades, very important for Andean farming, and constellations like the Southern Cross, Spica - Alpha and Beta Centaurs, Vega, Deneb and Altair. Skanda was reared by the Krittikas, six stars that make up the Pleiades and are the wives of the sage-stars who constitute the constellation Ursa Major. The Secret of the Incas: Myth, Astronomy, and the War Against Time, Daughters of the Sun: Book 1, Inca Empire Series, Hillforts of the Ancient Andes: Colla Warfare, Society, and Landscape ... The Inca deity Qullqa, personified in the Pleiades, was the patron of warehousing and preserving seeds for the next season. Of all the stellar pantheon worshiped by Incas, Qullqa was the "mother", the senior over all heavenly patrons of earthly things.
The Pleiades are used as an object lesson and gives perspective that there is order and reason for every action, even those that are not seen nor understood. In the Bible, the Mazzaroth describes the 12 main constellations and their 3 subsidiaries that mark the Cosmos from Earth’s perspective. Apr 02, 2009 · A Peruvian cosmological chart from around 1613 seems to show the Pleiades. Pachacuti Yamqui, an Inca nobleman, drew the chart to show the objects that were depicted on the temple in Cusco, adding Spanish and Quechua notations. Native Americans: The Sioux of North America had a legend that linked the origin of the Pleiades to Devils Tower.