intel wireless-ac 9260. My 9260 card just arrive, got it after reading below review.. now looking for 2nd hand R7800 to test, anyone selling? Setting your WiFi to 160mhz will almost be antisocial. My understanding is r7800 can use dfs channels n so far I didn't detect anyone using those channels so...

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The Intel Dual Band WLan-AC 9260 M.2 is a dual band, 2x2 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapter that delivers the highest performance with a data transfer rate of up to 1.73 Gbit/s. I have a dell XPS 15 (9560) and I've installed an intel wireless AC 9260 WiFi card. I'm running ubuntu 18.04 with kernel 4.17.14-041714-generic. I get very realiable wifi connections, but it's extremely slow. After some testing, I found that it won't connect at a link speed higher than 54mb/s as reported in the gnome network manager applet. - Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (Gig+) - Intel Wireless-AC 9260 ... click the download button, and setup the wireless card on your system. Moreover, if you want to stay ... Aug 16, 2018 · The 9260 is a half mini card keyed as A E. The Fenvi PCIe adapter is using the USB2.0 motherboard header connection for the Bluetooth portion of the adapter. The header isn't needed if installing directly in a motherboard that has a PCIe slot ready for the A E key module. wifi提示牌.

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Purchased another brand new Intel 9260 wireless card and installed it into the laptop. RESULT: Issue from Step 3 persists. See install1.jpg and install2.jpg. Performed another Clean Installation of Wireless Drivers and used Windows Update to install the drivers. RESULT: Issue from Step 3 persists. If your card is not on the list, please click here for the technical information, or take advantage of our special offer and get a compatible adapter free of charge! Download CommView for WiFi.The Intel Wireless-AC 9260 adapter supports Bluetooth 5 and 2x2 802.11ac Wi-Fi including wave 2 features such as 160MHz channels, delivering up to 1.73Gbps and downlink MU-MIMO. These new features deliver a significant increase in user speeds in dense deployments, supporting fast downloads and long battery life compared to legacy 802.11ac devices.
Features and Benefits Gigabit Wi-Fi Intel® Wireless-AC 9260 is the first Intel Wi-Fi module that provides Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds. When using 160MHz channels, it can deliver up to 1.73Gbps maximum theoretical throughput, nearly 12x faster than baseline 1x1 BGN (150Mbps) Wi-Fi used in today's PCs. After I switched the WiFi card to an Intel 9260, I experienced no more drops. If you do make the change, I recommend that you download the Intel drivers before you do the swap. Edit: So apparently I'm still experiencing WiFI drops after sleep, so that's great.